Special Education Resource Person

Scope of work:

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) disability programme (DP) is working for the full inclusion of Person with Disabilities in the society through provision of services; such as physical rehabilitations, vocational training, and access to loan for their economic independence. RAD program provides preparatory education for children with disabilities with the aim of preparing them for inclusion in mainstream schools. DP is running awareness rising activities towards the family and community members about the right and need of Person with Disabilities. DP is working for the institutional capacity building of Disabled People Organizations (DPOs), professional associations, and disability sector NGOs. This programme also advocates towards the Governments for inclusion of disability and disabled people right to education, health, employment in their policies and strategies.

The DP programme is managed by a Programme Management Unit in Kabul Management Office and by four Project Offices: Ghazni, Jalalabad, Mazar-e-Sharif, and Taloqan. The Programme covers 46 districts in 13 Provinces of the country.

The Special Education Resource Person is responsible for arranging and conducting trainings for the public-school teachers, CBR Workers, special and education teachers on special education (Sign Language or Braille).

The Special Education Resource Person reports to Special Education Officer  

Main Responsibilities:


  • To provide special education trainings (Braille, O&M) for School Teacher, DP Special Education Teachers, SCA Education Staff and CBR Workers.
  • Collect, design, produce and update appropriate special education training materials in braille for all categories of trainees, however in coordination with special education officer.
  • Provide technical support and on job training in special education to DP Special Education Teacher (SET), and CBR Workers and CwDs in the target areas.
  • Select appropriate and useful method of training at different level.
  • Compile and keep copy of all training material, plans, schedules prepared and conducted within the project and provide to Special Education Officer with accurate and up-to-date information in this regard on monthly basis.
  • Work to ensure that the Program incorporates M&E results and lessons learnt from field operations to improve and develop program implementation strategies, methodologies, and results
  • Collect and disseminate good practice regarding special education on a local, national and international level



  • Act according to the policy and regulations of SCA
  • Keep updated with issues related to SCA and the environment where SCA operates
  • Promote an attitude of team spirit and a strong focus on quality
  • Develop good co-operation with SCA units, authorities, institutions and other NGOs
  • Do related job as delegated by the special education officer, Senior Supervisor CBR or Project Manager
  • Maintain good cooperative relation with the national and provincial authorities, DoLSAMD, and other stakeholders
  • To participate actively in ensuring broad understanding and acceptance by local communities of the DP projects and SCA in general
  • To actively contribute to the successful development and good reputation of the SCA
  • To do any other duties assigned by the special education officer, senior supervisor CBR and DP Project Manager


Indicators of working:

  • Working with interest with Special Education Teachers, students, CBR workers and other colleagues
  • Providing a good support and conservation for Special Education Teachers, including comprehensive feedback
  • Ability to show her/his professional skill
  • Showing her/his management qualification and problem resolution skills
  • Showing the instructions skill
  • Act as a good mentor for Special Education Teacher


Qualifications & Requirements:     

  • Graduates from Teachers Training College.
  • Fluent in Pashto, and basic written and spoken English is an advantage (Braille).
  • Computers skills in operating level, especially with MS office package.
  • Ready to work, live and travel in an intricate and strenuous environment
  • To be an Afghan national
  • Minimum three years of experience in working as CV (community volunteer) in disability program in the field of special education or in teaching of children with special needs.
  • Having teaching skills of children with special needs (HI or VI).
  • Having skills in Sign Language or Braille literature.
  • To know the teaching methodology of children with visually impairments

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