Brail Resource Room Operator

Swedish Committee for Afghanistan (SCA) invites all qualified candidates to apply for the following position. SCA actively promotes and encourages Women and People with Disabilities to apply

Title of Position:

Brail Resource Room Operator (Re-announced)

Job Number:

HRM/KMO  05-20

Duty Station:

Kabul Management Office (KMO)

Number of Positions:

One (Female/Male)


The position is open ended


Salary and benefits are according to SCA salary policy                                              

Non-monetary Benefits for Females:

Transportation close to residence and work, child nursery at workplace, safe travel facilities and companion to field trips, female association membership, trainings and capacity building

Announcement Date:

12. May. 2020

Closing Date:

26. May. 2020

 SCA Background

SCA has been working in Afghanistan since 1982 and is presently managing development programmes linked to Strategic Objectives concerning Health, Education and Community Driven Development. With a total annual, budget of roughly USD 40 million. The total number of staff is around 5,700 of whom 15 are non-Afghans. The SCA presence in Afghanistan consists of the Kabul Management Office (KMO), five Regional Management Offices and two Liaison Offices. In Sweden SCA has 20 staff working at the Stockholm Management Office (SMO) and around 3,500 members organized in local chapters all over the country. In the last 10 years, SCA has undertaken a change process moving from a primarily humanitarian service delivery approach towards more of a developmental role, putting increasing emphasis on capacity development, rights-based programming and outcome orientation. The mission of SCA is to empower individuals, communities and local organizations, primarily in rural areas and with particular focus on women, girls, boys and vulnerable groups such as people with disabilities, so that they may participate fully in society and influence their own development.

Scope of work:

Education Programme is one of the largest SCA Programmes whose operational areas are present in 14 Provinces and 71 Districts of Afghanistan. Its operational bases are distributed in five SCA Regional Offices namely, Wardak Regional Management Office (WRMO), Jalalabad Regional Management Office (JRMO), Ghazni Regional Management Office (GRMO), Mazar Regional Management Office (MRMO), and Takhar Regional Management Office (TRMO) which includes Kunduz Liaison Office (KLO). Each Regional Office has an Education Project which managed by Education Project Manager. The Programme works closely with the Government’s Ministry of Education at National, Provincial and District levels.

The main focus of Education Programme is Community Based Education (CBE. Community Based Education is a general term that encompasses all forms of learning such as in primary education (Grades 1-9), coaching classes, Kuchi education, and youth education all at community level. Community Based Schools are learning centres normally established right at the community level with a direct community involvement. The purpose of CBE is to supplement the provision of education to children in the rural areas where the government has not been able to reach. The Education Programme strives to provide quality education services through systematic teacher training and delivery of school learning materials. The programme adopts a rights based approach, gender equity and equality and promotion of girls’ education.

Since January 2015, the Programme embraced inclusive education to create access to education for children with disabilities and other marginalized children from education. This Job Description defines the line of duty in terms of general responsibilities and technical tasks for the Braille Resource Room Operator based in Kabul Management office.

The Braille Resource Room Operator is responsible for providing Braille textbooks and audio books for the mainstreamed children with disability in mainstream school, CBE and those children with disability who are under preparatory education in PEC, PERC, VPEC and HBE.


Qualifications and Experience:

Minimum grade 12 with certificate in Braille Writing, Higher degree in education is preferable.


Have 02- 04 years’ relevant experience, especially within an NGO or similar organisation in operating of Braille Embosser Machin, thermoformed Machin, and printer.

Teaching experience to children with special needs.

Having full command on Braille writing, reading and operating of the Braille Embosser and related software.


Computer skill at operator level, especially with MS Office packages.

Command on English, Dari and Pashto, both written and spoken

Interpersonal and communication skills

Team worker, analytical, and troubleshooting skills

Ability and willingness to travel to the project sites within Afghanistan and adjust to SCA environment.

Honest, proactive and well mannered.

To be Afghan National.

Main Responsibilities:

  • To oversee the needs of Braille textbooks and audio books from RMOs.
  • Follow up of mainstreamed children with disability in mainstream school, CBE and children under preparatory education to determine their needs for Braille textbooks, audio books and other education related materials on Braille.
  • To collect data of visual impaired and low vision children with disability from all RMOs and Disability Programme Unit.
  • To write normal textbooks and other education related materials (Dari and Pashto) and converting them into Braille text.
  • Copy the printed Braille textbooks and other learning materials by Thermoform machine.
  • Binding of Braille books and other education materials.
  • Have a proper plan for distribution of audio books in dizzy player and Braille textbook to Regional Management offices.
  • Providing low vision textbook for the low vision mainstreamed children with disability.
  • To provide Braille textbooks and audio books for all mainstream children with disability and those children who are under preparatory education in Preparatory Education Center (PEC), Preparatory Education and Rehabilitation Center (PERC), Village based Preparatory Education Center (VPEC) and Home Based Education (HBE).
  • To provide all needed learning materials out of curriculum on Braille for all mainstream children with disability and those children who are under preparatory education in PEC, PERC, VPEC and HBE.
  • Provide technical support to the field staff for using the Braille textbooks and audio books.
  • Keep updated record of all distributed Braille textbooks and audio books in their office.
  • Monitor inclusive education activities (PECs and mainstream school) in the field, at least 10% of time should be in field.
  • In liaison with Inclusive Education Training Officer, identify the needed equipment and materials that may be required for children with disabilities in mainstream school and PEC. Such equipment may include Taylor frames, styluses, Braille paper, low vision devices, charts, and white canes for orientation and mobility for visually impaired children among others.
  • Properly distribution of the recorded learning materials and school textbooks in MP3, dizzy player and Cassatas to the mainstreamed children with disability and children with disability under preparatory education.

 Application Procedures:

  • Interested qualified candidates should submit a full CV with a cover letter explaining their motivation in applying for the job and highlighting their relevant skills and experience;
  • To apply online please send your application / CV and cover letter through Apply Button below:
  • Candidates may also submit applications by letter (hard copy) directly to the SCA HRM Unit in either Kabul, Ghazni, Kunduz, Wardak, Taloqan, Mazar-e-Sharif, Laghman or Jalalabad;
  • Academic certificates or references need not to be submitted at this time. These will be requested if called for interview.
  • Only short-listed candidates will be invited for written test and interview.

Ad has been closed and it is no longer possible to apply.